Our Freight Transportation Team



Michael opened OFW in April of 2007. Since its inception, Michael has been involved in all aspects of the daily running of the business. His career in the transportation sector dates back almost 25 years. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1992, Mike took his first job as a sales representative with MSM Transportation out of Bolton Ontario. After 17 years on the front lines with MSM, Michael decided to branch out on his own and opened Onyx Freight Inc.


VP Sales and Marketing

Greg came on board in October 2007, shortly after the company's inception. Since then, he has been responsible for all aspects of the company's sales and marketing. Greg's tenure in the transportation industry is also considerable, dating back over 2 decades.

His knowledge of Canadian domestic trucking – after a dedicated term at Midland Transport – is truly invaluable. Although he is in charge of our sales and marketing, Greg is also heavily involved in the daily operations at OFW.

It was a big step to leave a company I had been at for almost 2 decades but it was the right decision for my family and I. My wife and I had just had our first child – which added to the pressure – but I was confident I could build an operation that customers could benefit from. The hard part of the process was finding the right name for the company.

My brother-in-law suggested it over a breakfast meeting and it immediately stuck. It symbolizes strength and sustainability which are both pretty good attributes to model your company after. – Mike Graham mike@ship-onyx.ca

My background with MSM was strictly cross-border trucking. When Greg came on board, he opened up an entire other avenue I was unfamiliar with. We were immediately able to offer customers an added service, which was Canadian domestic trucking which they began to take advantage of. – Mike Graham

Today, Greg has become an expert in handling dangerous goods and has also opened up our warehousing division. Being heavily weighted in the Oil & Gas sector, Greg's resume of customers has been a significant contributor to our growth as a company. He also leads up our flatbed and special commodity division. If it's “out of the box”, Greg is your guy. He has tackled countless projects for our Refinery customers and done an excellent job providing logistical solutions time and time again. – Mike Graham