Freight Shipping to Canada & US

Since our inception in 2007, Onyx Freight has handled over 20,000 shipments that have crossed the United States/Canadian border.

We continue to make the process as seamless as possible for our customers by working closely with their customs brokers.

Our competitive advantage

For each and every cross-border (international) shipment it is our mandate to procure the customs documentation before the shipment is picked up. Once we have these documents, we can review them to make sure all the right boxes are ticked.

Ensuring the paperwork has the correct importer of record is crucial when a shipment involves crossing the border. If this is done in error, the customs broker will not set up the clearance and the shipment will not be able to cross the border – causing frustrating delays and significant additional costs.

Once we have procured the shipping documents and verified them, we send them electronically to the appropriate customs broker, so they can start the clearance process even before the freight has been picked up.

At Onyx Freight, managing the details is our priority. Any trucking company can let customs brokers handle the details, but we want to control our fate and the fate of our customers' freight. That's why we go the extra mile, every time.

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