Freight Shipping to Canada

For shipments originating in the United States destined for Canada, our drivers and customs brokers utilize the pars system to ensure speedy and efficient customs clearance.


The PARS system is an innovative process that allows Canada-bound shipments from the United States to be reviewed and processed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) before they arrive at the Canadian border. This process speeds up clearances effectively contributing to faster delivered service into Canada. It’s simple. Bar-coded labels are attached to our shippers’ customs invoices then sent to the CBSA. Once the driver arrives at the border, his identical bar-code is scanned by the Border Agency, and if the documentation is in order and pre-approved, the shipment is released and allowed entry into Canada. The system is built to allow pro-active companies like Onyx Freight to check on clearance statuses even before our drivers reach the border. If there is a paperwork issue that will hold up a clearance, we work with the importer and the vendor to get it rectified and re-submitted. It’s our mandate to ensure seamless border clearance and we go the extra mile to make it happen!

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When it comes to shipping to Canada, let the experts at Onyx Freight take care of the details so you never have to worry.