Canada’s fastest growing companies

August 12, 2016

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When I worked for MSM Transportation, one of the owners was a brilliant marketer. He made sure we were always on the Canada’s Best Managed Companies list as well as Profit Magazines Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. Of course, you had to walk the walk to talk to talk. Nothing has changed in that regard. You still need to have the criteria to be on one of those lists. I learned an incredible amount from him over 17 years. Not about running a company, but about separating yourself from your competition, and walking the walk.

When I started Onyx Freight, I thought there was a pretty good chance that we could make the Profit list someday. In 2013, we submitted our financials hoping to make the prestigious list of one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies in Canadian Business and Profits 26th Annual Profit 500 Rankings. Not only were we recognized in 2014, but we made the list again the following year in 2015.

Many factors have contributed to our growth. It’s obviously easier for a start-up to achieve the percentage growth required to make the list than a fortune 500. Also, many things are out of your control and sometimes you need a little bit of luck. Like the old saying goes “you need to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good”. That said, I certainly don’t attribute our success to luck.

Liking or loving what you do on a daily basis is a huge part of being successful, and if you are successful your business will grow. This is the same if you are moving freight around the globe, or selling shoes at Bata. Now don’t get me wrong, freight isn’t always fun. In fact, there have been dozens of times over my 25 years in the industry that I have wanted to catch a fast train out of freight-town. There will always be issues when you are in the service business. Nothing is 100%. But I learned a long time ago that it’s how you deal with the problems that separate you from your competition. I bought into that when I was a young salesman at MSM after it was beaten into me by that brilliant mentor. Now, it has been passed down a generation and forms the foundation of our culture at Onyx Freight, contributing significantly to our success and growth.

We are extremely proud of our Profit 500 Ranking and very appreciative of our loyal customers, valued suppliers and dedicated employees. It really is a perfect equilateral triangle for success.