Industries Served

Since 2007, Onyx Freight has successfully delivered over 50,000 shipments for our customers across North America. From hazardous materials to housewares, we are confident in our ability to complete a wide variety of shipping requests for a number of different industries. Have a look below for a better idea of the type of deliveries Onyx Freight continues to make every day. If you need a freight shipping option that is reliable and fast, let Onyx Freight deliver.

Home Healthcare

At Onyx Freight, we understand the importance of your industry and how important it is to be sure you are fully stocked with what you need. With multiple freight shipping services available, you can count on us to deliver your shipment on time, every time.

Oil & Gas

Whether it's actually oil and gas or machinery, Onyx Freight is a logistics company that can make the delivery, every time. Let our logistics team discuss your freight shipping options to ensure you get the service you need to meet tight deadlines.


From solar panels to the latest pallet of LED lightbulbs, there's no time to waste when it comes to getting the latest way to save on energy. No matter how big your freight shipping request is, Onyx Freight is the logistics company that can be there to deliver. Give us a call today and together we can go over what your freight shipping options are, based on timeline and budget.


When patients come to you, they usually need results or answers promptly. There's no time to be running low on everyday supplies or equipment. When inventory is looking a bit low, let us make sure you get what you need. Onyx Freight is a Canadian logistics company offering a number of freight shipping services to ensure a quality and speedy delivery of whatever you are sending.


There's no time to waste in the world of retail. With so much competition in the retail market, not getting what you need on time isn't an option. When it needs to be fast and reliable, go with the trucking company recently voted as one of the top 50 growing businesses to get the job done right. Give us a call today and let's go over your freight shipping options.

Food & Beverage

Whether it's the holiday season or just the weekend, your customers expect to receive what they're looking for every time they enter your store. Don't take a chance with just any freight company. Onyx Freight is a Canadian logistics trucking company delivering the results you'd expect from one of the top 50 fastest growing companies of 2015. Call us today and let's find the right freight shipping solution for your needs and budget.


No matter what your financial situation may be, everyone needs the essentials at home. Cutlery, bedding, towels, and cookware can be found in most homes. So the next time you need that certain brand shipped to your location fast, give Onyx Freight a call. We're the Canadian logistics company specializing in getting your freight where it needs to be in order to keep your customers coming back.


Driving is essential to most people's lives. Even if they don't drive a vehicle directly, public transit or carpooling are always options. That makes the need for parts and repairs even more important. No one wants to wait. We've all got things to do which is why Onyx Freight offers the freight shipping services you need to ensure your business has the parts your clients need. From entire truckloads of parts to that one specific engine component, as a logistics trucking company, we can ship it there fast, so you always look good.

Pulp & Paper

Digital may be a popular option, but no matter what, people will always need paper and expect it quickly. When that happens, don't be afraid to let our freight shipping experts make the delivery, fast! At Onyx Freight, we offer the freight shipping services you'd expect from a logistics trucking company to handle your deliveries efficiently.

Health & Beauty

From lotions and hair care products to deodorants and shampoos, clients expect their favourite brands to be fully stocked next time they pay your business a visit. At Onyx Freight, we focus on providing the best quality freight shipping services you'd expect from a logistics trucking company in Canada. In fact, we were named one of the 50 rising brands of 2015, so you know we work hard to get your products to where they need to go.


Shoes, shirts, pants and any other type of clothing are all welcome with Onyx Freight. We understand that whether it's a truckload full of the latest brands or something much smaller, it needs to hit the shelves to make you money. That's why we offer a variety of freight shipping services to ensure it gets there when you need it.

Contact us today and we can tailor a quote for your shipment specific needs.