Professional Freight Shipping Carriers

Strong and trustworthy relationships are the foundation of our business. At Onyx Freight-Works, we are very proud of the reliable carrier base we started to build in 2007 – and continue to add to on a daily basis. We believe our carriers are our partners, just like our customers and both have equal value.

Cross-border Shipments

The majority of our sourced fleet of trucks are Canadian owned Regional Carriers that have pre-determined geographic runs. Having dealt with most of them for nearly a decade, we have a distinct competitive advantage getting freight picked up and delivered. All of our carrier affiliates who handle our cross-border freight must be C-TPAT designated – no exceptions.



In order to complement our direct line-haul service, we have partnered with over 100 US cartage companies. These partnerships allow us to ensure on-time pick up, regardless if one of our line-haul trucks is tied up at another pick up or stuck in traffic.

If you're hearing excuses about missed pickups, it’s time to make the change to Onyx Freight-Works. Our track record is proven and our service is dependable. Contact us today!